Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Oracle As President

We do not currently have a President. What we have is an Acting President(I wonder what that means, its only in Nigeria that we reinvent the wheel. Remember" Interim Government"?) 

Anyway, as I was saying, we do not have a President, we have someone acting or pretending to be the President, while we have another individual, who used to be the President, pretending to be alive and well, but actually has been elevated to the status of our departed ancestors, he is now an Oracle !

He has priests and other representatives who are pretending to speak for him, or they claim they are the only ones who have the rare gift of hearing the Oracle or decoding the intentions of the Oracle.The rest of us who have been badgered to submission now find ourselves orbiting two great lights; the Oracle and the Acting President.

The whole world out there is standing aghast, with jaws dropping at the mockery of common sense that our government has become, they are laughing at us.Oh! How I miss Gani Fawehinmi, he would have resisted this travesty with every resource at his disposal.

We are are watching patiently as less than five individuals are laying the foundation for the eventual disintegration of Nigeria. 
Nations are built on principles, customs, and conventions that become acceptable over time. Can you see the quality of the principles customs and conventions we are building ours with.

We are saying that an individual is greater than the constitution of the federal Republic of Nigeria. We are saying that the PDP is more than Nigeria. We are saying that some five unelected individuals can resist the legitimate, and constitutional, transfer of authority from the elected President to his elected Vice President who was elected for that eventuality.

With all the degrees Nigeria is awash with, I am amazed that we have not had more than a whimper from the educated elites.A house built on sand does not sink,or collapse, on the day it is finished. It shows its flaws when the first real trial by flood comes. The seeds we are sowing today as a nation may come back to fruit as devil beans tomorrow, and by then no one would be able to harvest them. GOD BLESS NIGERIA FOREVER!

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