Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I will support the removal of subsidy on petroleum products, on one condition: that we stop subsidizing those in government!

Let them pay the full cost of service to the people! Let government service no longer be an opportunity to become rich, but a voluntary one!

In Switzerland, the legislators serve part time, and at their own expense! They are not paid any wages!

In Nigeria however, our national legislators earn more than the American president, and do astronomically less, and are even less valuable to the people!

Our president, and his vice, will spend about one billion naira on food alone next year! This is in a nation where more than ninety percent of the population, live on less than a dollar a day!

Our politicians enjoy overseas medical care, paid for by the government! If this is not subsidy, then I am a cow's cousin!

Serving in government, has become the most lucrative vocation in Nigeria today! That is why people now kill, and maim others, to get to office!

Nigerians have been presented with the most hair-brained policy ever conceived in the history of this nation! 

Our nation imports refined petroleum products, because successive governments failed to maintain existing refineries, or build new ones to replace the ageing ones!

That criminal neglect, was compensated for, by importing refined petroleum products! Fast forward to the year 2011, a smart alec decides that instead of addressing the problem, which would mean building new refineries, it would be better to make the masses pay for government's incompetence!

Is it not shameful, that Africa's largest oil producer, does not, and cannot refine the crude oil it produces? But instead, imports refined products from other African nations that do not have crude oil reserves, but have built refineries to refine imported Nigerian crude?

Since government is incapable of solving this problem, but has chosen to pass the cost to the citizens, it would be nice for them to take another step: remove subsidy from governance!

In a nation without a social security set up, cheap fuel, is the closest thing to welfare! 

Our politicians do not pay for anything while in office, despite the huge salaries they are on! What then are their salaries for?

It is time to remove the subsidies they have been living fat on: it would be nice to see how they would cope with the hell they have created!

While doing the bidding of their master the IMF, they forget that conditions in Nigeria, are not the same as in the nations of the West: where every resource is judiciously, and transparently used!  Where people have have welfare and social security, and living standards and wages, much higher!


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