Wednesday, January 4, 2012


When the Jonathan administration was busy earmarking how it would spend billions of naira, on an ill-advised celebration of Nigeria's jubilee, many of us warned that it was a profligate move!

When he went ahead to purchase a brand new presidential jet for seven billion naira, we wondered how he could justify such a huge, and very wasteful expenditure, in the midst of the abject crippling poverty assailing the nation!

His presidential advisory panel, that he personally appointed, advised that his cabinet was bloated, and a waste of scarce resources: he also ignored them! 

There have been numerous calls, that the remuneration of political office holders was outrageous, and not in sync with the reality in Nigeria!

This too was not addressed!

So it is curious to observe the presidential leopard suddenly attempting to change his spots! He seems to have experienced an epiphany,or enlightenment of sorts!

The Jonathan who was adept at racking up debts for future generations, at a time that the price of oil was rising, suddenly started speaking the tongues of the frugal, and not of the spendthrift his actions had hitherto supported!

One would have expected him to cut down on his outrageously large cabinet, or on his foreign trips! When he went to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Australia, he took along 400 delegates! Most of them were nothing more than parasitic tourists feeding on the presidential pig! Back home, this profligacy, is sustained by the elaborate court he seems to be holding at the presidential villa that requires him, and his vice president, spending a billion a year on food!

Instead of looking at himself, and the institutionalized waste he fosters, he has decided that removing subsidy on petrol, the only welfare Nigerians enjoy, is where he would save some money!

He has chosen to show that he can be thrifty, by endangering the very existence of the nation, with runaway inflation, and unsustainable price rises, that his course of action is sure to engender!
A nation in remorse,shock and awe, is now suffering from buyer's remorse over his election!

He has not ceased to tell us how he went to school without shoes, it seems he is determined to increase the number of children, who will not go to school at all, those who would not even be able to afford plates, let alone the food to put on them! 

His actions will reduce the whole nation to a basket case: a failure of his own making!

Funny enough, his actions are recorded by a story in the Bible!

When King David clandestinely took Beersheba, Uriah's only wife, the prophet was sent to confront him with a parable!

The prophet, if we remember, told David that there was a poor man, who had just one lamb, and he doted on it as an only child! In the same community was a rich man, who had thousands of life stock, and on a day the rich man wanted to entertain a guest, he conveniently ignored his great herd, and forcefully took the poor man's lamb!

When David heard the story, he was seriously vexed, and promised to kill the rich man for his injustice! That was when the prophet opened up, and told King David, that he was actually the rich man in the story!

In like fashion, Jonathan you are the rich man! 

You have taken our only lamb!


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