Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I am looking at India, and I am jealous! 

I envy what I am seeing! 

The middle class is taking the government on, and they do not look like they will take no for an answer, or be swayed by any strong-arm tactics! 

Some years ago, when General Pavez Musharraf was president of Pakistan, he removed the country's Chief Judge Iftikhar Chayudhry! He accused him of corruption, and misconduct: labels that are very easy to verify, because there must be a giver, a taker, and the knower of the transaction!

It was a grave miscalculation on his part: the lawyers of Pakistan rose up in robust defense of the Chief Judge, and started a series of protests, and civil disobedience in major cities of Pakistan!

They saw through the ruse, they were in the best position to know of any corrupt practices!

Eventually, the Chief Judge was reinstated! But not before a few bones were broken,and one, or two persons killed!

But justice was done, and Pakistan's march to a society ruled by law, and not impunity, continued!

The struggle in India, is over corruption! A civil society advocate,Mr Anna Hazare, has proposed what he sees as the panacea for the run-away corruption threatening to derail the Indian Republican Express! 

The part many of us would find difficult to understand, is that government had initially proposed a law, and the fellow found their law inadequate, and proffered an alternative!

An alternative?  

Yes! An alternative law, with more watertight conditions that do not give room for corrupt people to make an ass out of  law!

The government had presented for debate a law that would preclude the president, and senior judges, from investigation for corruption! 

Mr Hazare had threatened to fast unto death, unless his version of the law was passed into law! He declared that the war against corruption, was India's second war of independence!

His message has resonated with such clarity,that millions have rallied to his call! 

And the government, in consternation, has locked him up!

This has had the effect of inflaming the passions of millions all over the country! 

And they have been protesting! 

Even the lawyers of the supreme court have threatened to join in: and the humble tricycle drivers are already on strike!

This is how a revolution works! The middle class fearlessly leading the rest of the populace to ensure equity, and just change!

There is a lesson for Nigeria here, it is that the revolution we seek, must be midwifed by our middle class, and sold to the masses!

The poor, and downtrodden, do not have access to the information, and social media we all take for granted! 

If we decide, we can use our Ipads, and Iphones, laptops, and notebooks, to change our country!

The second lesson is that we must be willing to roll up our sleeves, and jump into the trenches! To do otherwise would be shadow boxing, and an exercise in travesty!

If we all spew our various theories on how a Nigerian revolution should happen, and fail to match our words with action, we would just be like firecrackers, all noise, no effect!

We need to forget the isms, and ideologies that currently divide us, and focus on the prize, a better Nigeria in our lifetime! 

It is not a matter of waging war on our dear land, it is resolute individuals coming out to say to the powers that currently enslave our progress, that change must come with, or without them! 

If they want, they can deliver it, if they find it offensive, they can step aside!

Can you imagine two hundred thousand people staging a march in front of the national assembly, and demanding an end to ridiculous legislative remuneration?

They will listen, if we show up! 

And that is how change will come to Nigeria!

We may be beaten, and our bones may be broken, some of us might even loose our lives for the cause!

However, no matter the suffering, if we hold the course, and remain unwavering, Nigeria will be free!



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