Friday, August 12, 2011


Just when one thinks that Nigeria can not sink any lower, our leaders come up with a new benchmark for stupidity, and ineptitude! 

It is all over the media, that Nigeria would be importing fuel from Niger republic, her impoverished, and economically backward Northern neighbour!

For many years, Nigeria has been supplying electricity to Niger: so how is it possible, that a country that has been ravaged by desertification, and internal conflict, is able to export refined petroleum products to the world's seventh largest producer of the commodity?

Particularly when they do not have any crude oil reserves worth mentioning!

I have been reliably told, that the refinery is owned by Chinese, but that does not in anyway ameliorate the hot sensation of shame, and revulsion one feels about the whole arrangement! 

There is nothing but desert in Niger republic, so how is it, that they can afford to be so much more "investor- friendlier" than Nigeria?

I smell a fish here, and it is a rotten one! 

Is it possible, that some well-connected individuals, are now smuggling crude petroleum products by land from Nigeria, and are taking same to.... I am afraid to conclude my contemplation!

As a nationalist, there is a weight at the bottom of my stomach, and it is not the bowl of pounded yam I ate a while ago! It is deep anger at the way we seem to be missing opportunities at every encounter! Why did the Chinese find it more convenient to invest in Niger?

Could it be that they are aware that our government does not know how to honour valid agreements freely entered into by it? 

Could it be, that they are aware that licences had been issued for private refineries in Nigeria, but the business climate does not favour their survival, let alone profitability?

Between establishing your own power station, private police to provide security, private road network, waterworks, and all the accoutrements necessary for establishing a local government: these are some of the few things one needs to establish a large manufacturing, or refining venture in Nigeria!

The Chinese are aware that Dunlop Nigeria, is now Dunlop Ghana, and a few other business entities have also relocated to Ghana too!

While all this is happening, the simpletons who rule from Abuja continue to knit away like two befuddled old women, unmindful that the world is passing us, and that there is no room for retaking the examination!

Nigeria seems to be dying from the death by a thousand self-inflicted cuts! With each cut from the blade our leaders seem to enjoy it, and grin with crazed pleasure!

It is time to take our nation back!


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