Tuesday, July 5, 2011


A perfect storm, is one where all the variables necessary for accentuating a storm come into play, and aid the intensity, and ferocity, of the storm!

Our ship of state seems to be sailing into one!

The country is currently exerting herself, and I must say with very little success, in the fight against Boko Haram!

Our own variant of insurgency!

At the same time, one of the national trade unions is threatening a nationwide strike! 

Added to this concoction, is the threat of a strike by the Academic Staff Union of Universities, and a third by the Non Academic Staff Union!

How "unlucky" can can Goodluck suddenly get!

The industrial actions are within two weeks of each other! And they all have to do with money! The workers want more money!

As the clouds gather, we can only hope that those advising Goodluck, tell him the truth! He cannot fold his hands, and hope that the storm would not be too severe! 

Winning the election was simple enough, it was almost an anticlimax! 

What he would find tough, is governing with panache! 

He has shown an uncommon capacity for dithering, and in a perfect storm, you do not hesitate: you take bold decisions!

Please buy your umbrellas ( Although I do not see how much good they would do) 

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