Sunday, July 24, 2011


We all love easy solutions! At least I do! 

That is what is driving the various money making innovations in the marketplace today! 

A faster way to do it, a cheaper way, all new innovations promise a better future! 

What holds the promise for a better future for Nigeria? 

The ready-made answer from politicians, is sacrifice! 
They tell us we need to do more, for less!

The worker on the other hand, believes it is more for less: more money for less labour! 

The inteligentsia, who are outsiders to power, would quip corruption: they believe the eradication of which would give Nigeria a better future!

A careful appraisal of our nation points to one single factor as being the way to our future prosperity: the rule of law!

We are a people ever looking for ways to get something out of nothing, while not discharging what is our legitimate responsibility! 

We do this, while holding on to, and demanding vociferously, our entitlements! 

It is a truism, that one cannot reap where one has not sowed! 

To do so, would be stealing!

Sadly, we seem to have become a community of people who assiduously endeavor to get, without first fulfilling the precondition for getting: which is giving! 

What I have been struggling to say, in many words, is that we have become a nation of law-breakers, or as they say on the streets: thieves!

Fidelity, is the lifeblood of any living, and thriving organism: be it biological, or social! 

Once a part in a living organism does not discharge it's responsibility to the rest of the system, there is a disease for the rest of the system, and consequently death!

In like manner, if a striker, or a defender, in a football team, does not play his position faithfully, the rest of the team would suffer, and might even be defeated!

So you see, our major problem is a gross disobedience of the laws we have made to help our society run on an even keel! 

We have jettisoned the rules of civil engagement, and now make our own rules as we go along!

When elected leaders, who swore an oath to the constitution, fail to govern with honesty, and integrity: they are robbing the people of the leadership they were voted to provide! 

When ordinary citizens do not pay their taxes, or drive against oncoming traffic, or litter: it is all robbery! 

The reason why advanced societies work so well, is that by and large, the fear of the consequences of breaking a law, makes people comply with those laws! 
This, subsequently, promotes harmony, and growth in the system! 

We are suffering from an epidemic of social, and criminal misbehavior! This is  a direct traceable result of our not enforcing rules that are meant to regulate us all, and promote good governance! 

We do not need another Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, or any other high-sounding smart alec agency to fight crimes! 

The rules in our statutes, and the police are enough! 

Why we are suffering, is as a result of the consequence of no consequence: when bad behavior, does not result in the swift sanction it merits! 

Until we begin to do this, we would continue to be a nation of thieves, and lawless people! 

And we all know that there is no honour among thieves!

When next you feel like cutting corners, ask yourself if you are a thief, or not: such self examination would eventually lead to a more honourable society: and that should be the goal of every Nigerian!


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  1. Hi-
    Thanks for the heads up.

    I marvel at the dysfunction especially because i know individual Nigerians who are very principled, Christian, Moslem or Traditional worshippers who come accross as sincere.

    They function as good parents, friends and spouses, why does Nigeria fail? Is it only bad people in power?

    Individuals need to understand that the state, government & rule of law starts with our own actions and attitudes.

    I hope more people read your posts and initiate change