Saturday, August 7, 2010

Why Nigeria Is The Way It Is.

Many people.would quickly say,we know why. 

But do they?

A nation,is like a ship, on the high sea,it has a captain,and there are passengers on this ship.The ship, has a crew, the people elected to government.

In addition,the ship meets other ships,and the waters the ship sails are fraught with all manner of dangers, pirates,reefs,icebergs,floating wrecks etc.

Every occupant of the ship has a vital role to play. If,at any point in the journey,one actor becomes derelict in his/her duty,the whole integrity of the ship suffers.

An unskilled captain,can lead to loss of lives, or ship; the same can be said of the crew. 

Furthermore, when passengers do not demand for the service they have paid for,they also suffer.

In a situation where some passengers get their dues,and others are marginalized, it still does not bode well for the ones who are enjoying.

Our ship of state has been piloted,and crewed by a series of pirates,brigands,and scallywags.
They have been masquerading as legitimate crewmen.

Our ship of state,has been drifting for so long.

Our captain,and crew,are drunk all the time, and they are deaf to reason.
They believe the passengers need them more, than they the passengers.

The rights of passengers have not been upheld. 

Passengers,for a long time,have been fending for themselves.Some have been catching their food, directly from the sea,others have been collecting rainwater to drink. 

These,mind you,are fee paying passengers.

All this while,the captain and crew,have been busy feeding fat on rations meant for the passengers.

The rich,and affluent, passengers, are quiet .They are enjoying themselves, their needs are met;they do not mind paying for what is actually theirs to have,for free.

They do not believe,that the pain of the poor should be alleviated. It does not concern them.

They forget that,it is to their shame,that fellow passengers go to bed, without food.

Nigerians, who ought to be cared for by their leaders,have been let down. 

They cry, but no one hears,they call,and no one answers!

This paradise of the rich,and those who govern, has become a hell for those without power,influence,and money.

Will you keep quiet?

Will you turn your eyes away from open injustice?

Will you refuse to speak?

It is time! 

It is time to speak up!

A great peril dogs us,if we continue like this!

Others who set sail with us,have gone and returned;many times over. 

Nigeria,sadly,has lost her way, on the first leg of the journey!

If we refuse to stand up,and defend the weak, we are complicit with the oppressors.

Stand Up For Nigeria!

If you want change.

If You Do Not,

Who Else Is There!

Only You Can,

Only You Can Save This Nation,Nigeria,

Our Land Of Potentials ,Dogged By Failure!

Let Us Change Nigeria!

Let Us Unite For Her!

As We Do,


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