Thursday, August 5, 2010

Can Prayers Save Nigeria?

I know I am looking for trouble,when I ask a question like this. 

The ayes,and nays, are many,and they are deeply entrenched, unyielding,and unwilling to hear the other side,as usual.

I want to state here, that I am eminently qualified to ask this question.

I have read six translations of the Bible,from cover to cover, I have been a knowledgeable Christian since 1987. I have been a member of the following churches at various times, the Catholic Church,the Celestial Church of 
Christ,Christ Chapel International Churches, the Deeper Life Church,and now the Redeemed Christian Church of God. 

In addition to this, I have held leadership positions in the church.

In  nutshell, I know my way around. 

I have watched, in agony,for many years,people asking God for things in prayer,and not getting them. 

I have seen their disappointments,close up,and I have also seen them make excuses for God not answering.

I have also seen people who did not pray,at all,but just used the common sense that God gave them,to make their lives better.

Please note, I am not advocating that men should not pray, far from the point, rather,I am asking people,not to ask God to do what God cannot do:not because He is powerless,but because it is not His duty. God is the ultimate expert,in separation of powers.

We have,somehow,turned God into some omnipotent vending machine,like the universal remote controller,or an omnipotent ATM terminal, able to dispense million dollar houses to boys fresh out of secondary school,or husbands to girls who are vipers,and vexatious vampires. all in the name of miracles.

If we,humans, do not give the family car to our five year olds to drive, why do we expect God to be less responsible?

God is the god of order! 

He has not changed,and He will never change!

That was why I laughed,when Goodluck Jonathan,our president,called for prayers for Nigeria.

I wondered to myself,on what basis is this call?

Is he asking God to solve Nigeria's problems? 
Or is he saying that he,Goodluck Ebele Jonathan,does not know how to govern Nigeria,so we should all pray,because we are in trouble.

When politicians want to pander to our innermost weaknesses  for godliness in Nigerian leadership, they ask us to pray.

We all gladly pray,because we think,the man like Obasanjo,who built a chapel in the presidential villa,has become a devout follower of God.

But can the same leader,assure us,that he would be manifestly,and latently, godly, in his actions,thought,and character.


So why pray? Why bother? Why waste spiritual energy on pursuits bound to fail?

They are only playing politics,as usual,when they tell us to pray.

While we are busy praying for them,commanding the enemies of Nigeria, to fall down,and die:they, the leaders,at night,visit different shrines to undo our prayers! 

They order the assassination of opponents,they plan the looting of our commonwealth, and they ask us to pray for their success!

I have stopped praying for Nigeria along time ago. 

No one prays for France,Germany,America,or Australia!
These nations that have been rapidly advancing,sometimes,at our expense.

Let me shock you. God does not care about politics, He cares about the souls of politicians,as individuals, that is where it ends.

Politics,is the manifest rejection of theocracy. It is the opposite of the government by God. 

Democracy, after all, is government,of the people,by the people,for the people.

The last time I checked, there was no God in the definition.

We must wake up to the reality that God is not in the business of providing roads,hospitals, security,electricity,and the other services that governments,the world over provide.

They have no bearing on God's economy. 

God is a Spirit,He dwells in the spirit realm.

Why is it that,when we have problems with demons,we do not take those problems to our  governors, councillors, or local government chairmen? We take them to God.

Why would we now want to take the problems that ought to be solved by men to God?

It is illogical,and at best,silly.

So,when Goodluck calls for prayers, our collective response should be,dude,if you do not know what to do,please resign,and let someone who knows what to do,take over!

Prayers will not solve Nigeria's problems,we have been praying for fifty years, see how much our prayers have been answered. 

Our solution,lies in our uniting,and saying with one voice,that we deserve better than we have been getting from our governments,past,and present.

If politicians want to lead us in prayers,they should resign,and become pastors, then we will listen to them.

And pray very well with them.

Right now,we demand service, 

long overdue,

with interest!


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