Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I am feeling the heat.

I have just discovered that I cannot log in to my facebook account.

My friends cannot access my wall. It is almost as if, I have never been on Facebook!

What is happening? 

Have they finally taken notice?

Have they finally heard?

Do we possess the technology to excise,or block one account on Facebook?

It is not a very good sensation;feeling the heat that is.

I am having visions of men sliding down from ropes attached to helicopters, and lights flashing, as it usually happens in films.

Loud bangs!

Breaking doors!

Me fleeing through the back window! 

Oh no!

There are burglar bars there!

I have forgotten that this is Nigeria.

Calm down!

I am sure it is a technical problem. 

My fertile,active,in overdrive, imagination is just running riot.

Just wanted you to know.

I have been shut out.

But you can still follow me on Facebook, the account name is Stand Up Nigeria.


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