Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The "Are You The Only One Syndrome"

Is there any reason, why Nigerians think it is a normal thing to suffer;as long as, they are not the only ones in the adverse situation?

Have you ever found yourself in an unpleasant,and unjust situation, and were shouted down by fellow sufferers, and onlookers, because you complained of the injustice, or the unfair tactics used against all of you?

You were all evidently in a problem, but people felt you were being unreasonable, or impatient; for wanting something better, you were branded a rebel!

The same people, on the other hand, would not keep quiet, if they were singled out for a discrimination, and did not have fellow suffers!

Remember how, when there is no electricity in an area, all the people there are content to wait it out in the dark. If on the other hand, only two buildings do not have electricity, you will see the occupants going up and down with electricians and ladders. They then see the situation as being unfair.

I believe that this is an example of the herd mentality at work. I believe it is the source of our ability to accept injustice, with equanimity, and stoic resoluteness.

When an animal is in a herd, it's perception of it's vulnerability is reduced greatly by the presence of others. It actually reduces it's surveillance level.The reverse is the case ,when the same animal wanders off on it's own, and finds itself alone. Then the animal becomes skittish, easily spooked, and critically aware of every snapping twig,rustling leaf, and strange noise.

The same thing happens to humans, it is most likely, that if you were in a group of one hundred people crossing a notorious alley at night, you would not be as fearful, as if you were there alone.
If you were alone, every opening door would be like the noise of a jet engine, every shadow would be hiding some form of unimaginable evil conjured up by your mind.

People,somehow perceive, the lone, dissenting, and protesting voice, as proud, and
feeling too superior to partake of the suffering everyone is worthy of going through.

This has been the reason why we have not had a good deal from our leaders. They understand that, as long as they spread the suffering around evenly, we would not complain, we would say it is the will of God. 

We will all say,as usual,God de!

Look at Nigeria, from Ogoja to Lokoja,Lagos to Lamurde,North ,South,East and West. No single ethnic group is having a good deal.

The elites of the various ethnic groups live in luxury, and the downtrodden, continually wallow in the mire of privation,lack,and loss.

That is the definition of leadership in Nigeria today! 

Can you imagine if all of us, were to put our collective "foot" down, and demand service,equity,justice, and fairness, from our leaders. We would be like the large group of people walking through the alley, nothing can withstand our resolve.

We need to have the mindset that, as long as one person in Nigeria is suffering injustice, it is unacceptable to all of us who are enjoying.

It should be, all for one, and one for all!

If you do not speak out,no one would do so for you. You do not need a flame the size of a car to burn a forest, all you need, is a spark. 

In the same manner, all we need to change the system, is someone saying,"it is enough,no more!

Be that person!

I have also found out that others are probably waiting for someone to speak, to embolden them.
They are waiting for your leadership.

It is all we need for change,positive change.

Speak out!

Speak up!

Stand up!

Nigeria needs you!


Stand Up Nigeria!


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