Friday, May 25, 2012

Wars As A Means of Economic Stimulus!

Many have alleged, that large multi-national corporations like Halliburton, and Z, the security contractor, sometimes start wars for economic profit! When nations 'declare war',what we are finally seeing in public, is the culmination of underground work, by agents of these corporations, who know that a war would be profitable to their sponsors! We have seen a rew wars in Africa started by Western powers in Africa, through proxies like arm dealers, who end up selling arms to both sides, for profit! While this may sound repugnant to moralists, this is just business to those who engage in it! We have seen billions paid to Halliburton, and Z Corporation, for various supplies, ranging from ordinances,and other weapons, and logistical support for the troops! Their fortunes are usually promoted by lobbyists in Washington, and other major capitals of the world! As we grapple with our own seemingly insurmountable intractable internal insurrection,one cannot help but wonder, could our conflict also be a well contrived smokescreen, a sleight of hand, to siphon money, legitimately, while 'prosecuting the war on terror'! Billions have been voted for this war, and by the end of the day, trillions would have been spent! In wartime, very little vetting is done for expenditure on security! This is because every request is usually presented as a life, or death issue, that must be solved post haste!It is almost unthinkable, to contemplate,but definitely not far fetched. Money has away if bringing out the worst of human nature! Some queer things have been happening!Allegions from another terror plot, seem to indicate, that those who ought to know, and definitely have the means, and the motive, may also be orchestrating a new conflict meant to achieve key objectives! One objective, would be to keep the populace distracted, and so unable to mount any form of civil disobedience! The second, to ensure the release of billions, unvetted, and unaccounted for,all guaranteed to vanish into that black hole called the war on terror! I am beginning to think like this, since the arrest of a certain John:a non Boko Haram name, supposedly working for the dreaded Boko Haram! One is not disputing the existence of Boko Haram, but the level of sophistication we are currently seeing, seems to be beyond them! I really hope I am wrong this time! I wish to be wrong, because to be right, would be to unthinkable in consequence! May God bless our Nigeria forever!

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