Monday, November 21, 2011

Phantom Pain from a Phantom Government!

There is a weird, but true condition in medicine: it is called Phantom Pain! It is pain experienced by amputees, in the region where a lost limb used to be! 

It is usually treated by administering pain killing injections!

It is hard to believe, but the brain registers pain, as coming from a severed member of the body! What does this have in common with our beloved government? Plenty! 

A phantom is defined as something apparently seen, or heard, but having no physical reality!

Do you see the uncanny resemblance between the definition of phantom, and how our governments at all levels operate?

They make a lot of noise, they posture for us in the media, and speak what is expected: they are politically correct!

When it is time to make good all the elaborate promises, we are left with dry mouths on a hot day, darkness at night, and a vacuum, where there should be support! 

I am beginning to wish it was possible, for one to block them (all governments, at all levels) the way one blocks an offensive person on Facebook!

Why do I need government?

I already generate my own power through my generator, I provide my water through my borehole, I pay for private security for my home, and I use private health providers!

So of what value is government?

I know that the children of the government, those who benefit from them would say, they are there to provide order! 

What order?

Is it the order of the People's Democratic Party, PDP, disobeying a court order, to stage her gubernatorial primaries in Bayelsa, the president's own state?

Is it a part of providing order, to have soldiers cause mayhem, in the supposed fight for Boko Haram?

Will I call the action of government vehicles running me of the road, with their sirens, and large four wheel drive vehicles, order?

If you ask me, the only tangible manifestation of government, at all levels, seems to be the chaos, and disorder they spread!

It seems to me, that government, and phantom pain, are conjoined twins: they both cause pain, and have no gain!


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