Monday, October 11, 2010

Why I have been silent

I am sure many have looked to me say something on the numerous missteps that we have taken as a nation,I decided to take the back seat,and watch what others would say. I have been impressed by the robust condemnation of the bomb blast,I have been disappointed by those calling for one candidate,or the other,to be disqualified. 

I have even been more disappointed by our playing the ethnic card in matters as weighty as who becomes the president of Nigeria. As I looked at the political,and economic,landscape,one expression from the Bible came to mind,2 Tim 3:7"ever learning,but never coming to the knowledge of the truth".

One would think that with the body of knowledge available to us,and the influence of other nations our people have traveled to,we would naturally embrace what is right,and just. No! We obstinately refuse,and continue to play the same politics our ancestors, Zik, Awo, Sardauna,and the others played. Politics that strengthen our tribes,and weaken our nation.

When are we going to get it? That is how "hunter gatherer" civilizations decided who got what. It is primitive,shameful,unjust,and retrogressive.

If we must survive in this modern world, we must embrace an open and fair society.A place where you are not judged based on what tribe you are from,but on what you are bringing to improve us all.
Barack Obama is admired by many of us today,we like the fact that a black man is president of America.
What we fail to realize is that if he had been born a Nigerian,he would never be allowed to contest for the office of a ward councillor. We would tell him the position has been zoned somewhere apart from his place,or we would tell him he is not the right religion!

As we take stock, change our ways,and arrive at the knowledge of the truth,and accept it,


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